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Loveland Ski Club offers both 1-Day (Saturday) and 2-Day (Saturday and Sunday) All-Mountain programs. The All-Mountain programs are designed for athletes who desire to focus on the development of critical skills that ensure their success in becoming expert All-Mountain skiers. Loveland Ski Club does not currently offer a Big Mountain Competition Program.

On-Snow Saturdays and/or Sundays

Ages 6-18

1 DAY - SATURDAYS - December 2023 - April 2024

The 1-Day All-Mountain program is an introduction to developing basic technique and fundamental skills for skiing the entire mountain. Athletes joining this team should be able to, and have a desire to, ski all mountain conditions with relative confidence. 

The 1-Day All-Mountain program is staffed by highly qualified LSC coaches with guidance from upper levels of the program, and done in accordance of LSC's overarching athlete development plan. Completing the 1-Day All-Mountain program sets the athlete up for further success in solidifying their techniques and skills necessary to progress to as an expert All-Mountain skier.

2 DAY - SATURDAYS & SUNDAYS - December 2023 - April 2024

The 2-Day All-Mountain program provides LSC athletes with additional All-Mountain training opportunities to set them up for reaching their personal best as an expert mountain skier. The 2-Day All Mountain program is designed for the LSC athletes who want to take their All-Mountain abilities to the next level. The 2-Day program is staffed by coaches who have knowledge and experience in using the challenging terrain the mountain provides. This program is for athletes who are able to push themselves and realize high levels of personal success. Athletes must have the ability to ski some of the toughest terrain, including double black runs.

1-Day Season Tuition: $2,500
2-Day season Tuition: $4,500
What is this?

Loveland Season Pass

Discounted Seasonal Equipment Lease

Low Coach to Athlete Ratio

Learning to explore the mountain, always under the close supervision of a coach

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