The Alpine Race Academy is our flagship program and is truly innovative in the world of ski racing. A learning environment designed around high quality and attention to detail that offers an athlete every opportunity to realize their full potential in ski racing.  Private coaching in a team environment. 365 days per year individualized attention from your experienced, detail oriented, career coaches. 5 to 1 coach to athlete ratio. April, May, June, October, and November Preparation Period training camps at Loveland that are more efficient than “travel-to” camps. Year-round strength and conditioning program, summer outdoor leadership program, full ski tuning service for training and races, and athlete locker room. Dedicated athletes focused on learning. Dedicated career coaches focused on teaching. The focus of the Alpine Race Academy is in the realization of individual potential and performance.

The Alpine Race Academy is for the family that has made the academic, athletic, and financial commitment to fully realizing their athlete’s potential within alpine ski racing.


Application is required.

The preparation period from April – November is when critical development for the upcoming season takes place. During this time, the Academy athlete has access to over 60 days of on-snow training, a phenomenal strength and conditioning program, and world-class coaching. All these factors combine to provide Academy athletes with every opportunity to realize their potential in the season ahead.

Preparation Period:

  • April Camp: Alpine Race Academy’s April on-snow training camp, eight days

    • School schedule compatible, April training conducted 1-4pm

  • May Camp: Alpine Race Academy’s May on-snow training camp, fifteen days

    • School schedule compatible, May training conducted 1- 4pm

  • June Camp: Loveland Ski Club’s  June on-snow training camp, eight days

  • November Camp: Nineteen days on-snow training, including 24 sessions of fall lane training

    • School schedule compatible, weekday training conducted 1-4pm

Additional days are available in October, weather permitting, bringing on-snow days up to sixty prior to the first race.


Competition Period:

  • 100 days on-snow: December 1, 2020 – April 4, 2021, 20 weeks

    • School schedule compatible, weekday training conducted 1-4pm

Incredible training venue:

  • Dedicated seven days per week, exclusive to Loveland Ski Club

  • Full support and cooperation from Loveland Ski Area

Race Support:

  • Age group appropriate race schedule

Year-round Strength and Conditioning Program:

  • Professional resources for optimizing athletes’ physical conditioning


Equipment/Tuning Program:

  • In-house program to ensure equipment is properly prepared

  • Includes: Spring ski testing, personalized ordering through ski company representatives, new ski preparation, binding mounting, daily maintenance, and race day prep.  Loveland Ski Club enjoys a Rossignol Factory Team relationship, ensuring that all Academy athletes receive the best pricing possible.

Fall Lane Training Pass and Loveland Season Pass:

  • Training pass allows access to Chair 3, closed to the public through mid-December

  • Season pass has no blackout dates, valid all holidays

The Program: