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A staple program at Loveland Ski Club, the Development Team has been the foundation for athlete development longer than most can remember. Its focus is clear… teach critical skills all over the mountain while ensuring each young athlete is having a blast.

On-Snow Saturdays or Sundays: December 2023 - April 2024

Ages 4-9


The Development Team is a one-year, entry-level program, designed to help your young athlete become an independent and confident skier in varying terrain, over most of the mountain.

It’s a fun immersion into season-long skill development and programming. An introduction to more advanced terrain as is appropriate, to challenge athletes to improve. D-Team athletes are also introduced to a ski racing environment.

At least one year of ski lessons in a traditional ski school environment is recommended prior to enrollment. Athletes must know how to ride a chairlift and be able to ski in a self-sufficient manner on green runs. In the event of a fall, an athlete must be able to stand back up on their own. If an athlete is not tall enough to load the lift on their own, we ask that a parent accompany them.

Athletes are given the skills to successfully move to either Alpine Race Programming or All-Mountain Programming upon completion.

Season Tuition: $2,350
What is this?

Loveland Season Pass

Team Bib Loan

for the Season

Seasonal Equipment Loan.

Equipment can be exchanged as your child grows.

Age Appropriate

Coach to Athlete Ratio

Learning to explore the mountain, always under the close supervision of a coach

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