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Our board of trustees is made up of a passionate and experienced group of individuals. They each play a vital role in the success of the Loveland Ski Club, and we thank them for their contributions.



Chair of the Board/ President

Cynthia Teno

First Vice President

Mark Wordley


Leslie Hamilton


Sara Mihan

Mountain Liaison

Pip Baehler

Board Members at Large

Tom Lally

Kim Mauthe

Stephen Kozicki

Chris Peterson

*The bylaws were amended and restated on February 6, 2023

Next Meeting: August 5, 2024

Time: 5:30pm

Join us on Zoom:

Meeting ID: 827 215 2371 Passcode: 631737


In person: Clear Creek Inn, Georgetown

610 Seventh St, Georgetown, CO 80444


1. Call to order, Determination of quorum

2. Approval of prior meeting minutes

3. President’s Report (5 minutes)

4. Financial Report (10 minutes)

5. Loveland Ski Area Update

6. Program Director Update (10 minutes)

7. Committee Updates (10 minutes)

8. Member Comments (10 minutes)

9. Adjournment


Any questions, please email the LSC Board of Directors:

Future Meetings:

10/7 Clear Creek Inn & Virtual

12/2 Clear Creek Inn & Virtual

*Member Comment is provided for club members to express their views to the Board. Comments are limited to 3 minutes for each individual.  Each participant is asked to begin by stating their name. The Board may choose not to engage in dialogue with the public during this time in order to respect the time frame for member comments.

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